+  Tube
 +  Tube with Zinc
  - Tube with color Zinc
  - Tube with white Zinc
  - Tube with olive green Zinc
 +   PVF coating
  - PVF tube(coating from China)
  - PVF tube(coating from Dupont)
  - PVF with 6+chromium tube
  - PVF without 6+chromium tube
  - PVF tube with ID nickel coating
 +  Fu aluminum coating
 +  Nylon coating tube
 +  CNG high-press tube
  -CNG manufacture technology
  -Welded Pipe
  - Seamless Pipe deal with specially anneal
  -Stainless 304/316/316L
 +  Formed Tube
  - Brake Line
  - Fuel Line
  - Others Pipe Line
Others Pipe Line

diameter specification:4mm-12.7mm(5/16''--1/2'')
surface coating: Zn-coating, Copper-coating, Zn-aluminium alloy, copper-nickel alloy, PVF coating, PA11/PA12 coating
product type: engine connection tube、booster steering tube
apply to: kinds of Automobile

Raw materials : single/double wall welding tube, stainless steel tube, seamless steel pipe

tube Speciation : φ4.76mm-φ12mm;

thickness : 0.5mm-1.2mm

Surface coating of tube : copper, Zinc, PVF coating,
Nylon(PA11,PA12) COATING

At present our products offer to Great-wall, Chery, JAC, FIAT,

Brilliance Auto, SUZUKI, etc in domestic.

We also export to Canada, America, Iran, Singapore, Russia, Italy


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