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Seamless Pipe deal with specially anneal

material use low-carbon seamless pipe
normal working pressure:25-35 Mpa
bursting pressure:132MPa
Feature: its softness is nearly to welded CNG pipe, it's the most flexible products compare to other congeneric products in China through our specifial production engineering handle

CNG high-press tube's parameter:


normal utilization pressure:25-35MPa(250-350kg)

most burst pressure:154MPa(1540kg)

bending torsion:≤12N.M


The scope of application of this product:

The product widely used in CNG fuel-auto and double fuel-auto, auto-braking system; auto-oil system, fuel system,etc. It has pass Quality Management System-ISO15500

Raw materials:

low carbon steel tube, copper tube, seamless steel pipe

Quality control system:

All follow ISO 15500-16-2001 stabdard to execute There’are 9 steps inspection procedure from manufacturing to leave our factory, our tubes 100%can keep 5 min pressure under 35-40Mpa. Before leaving factory, samples must keep 3min under 85-100MPa according 4‰ proportion.
We offer customers reliable products with best quality under
perfect quality-monitoring system and advanced workmanship.

Mechanical functions:

Good curvature machining property;
Highest blasting press
Thickness is uniform with PVC
Good binding force
Products quality have reach international
advanced level

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