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PVF tube with ID nickel coating

PVF tube with ID nickel coating

product specification:

φ6.35mm× 0.7±0.01mm

φ8.00mm × 0.7±0.01mm

φ10.00mm × 0.7±0.01mm

φ12mm× 0.7±0.01mm


Scope of application :

Apply to all kinds of fuel line, and the tube which require high antiseptic property.

product introduction:
This product is our company's exclusive patented products, it has steady and exquisite 3-5mm nickel coating in ID, compare to normal tube with copper coating, our products' antiseptic property can increase at least 10 times.

We can do the different surface dealing according to different customers' requirement: Zn-coating, allumen coating, Zn-Ni rafting coating, PVF coating, Nylon coating(PA11,PA12)

products fuctions:

Due there have piperdino ethanol and carbinol additives in gas at present in Chinba, but for metallic copper and Iron, they will cause metal weightlessness in piperdino ethanol and carbinol.
Especially, it will arise organicacid to corrosion the tube ID after burning. But it won't appear for our product the PVF tube with ID nickel coating

mechanical properties: 

tensile strength:  Rm≥290MPa
yield stress: Rel≥180MPa
elongation rate: A≥25%

ID cleanliness:residues≤ 0.16g/ m2

No red rusty in 72 hours in ID; no rusty on OD in 3000 hourS

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