+  Tube
 +  Tube with Zinc
  - Tube with color Zinc
  - Tube with white Zinc
  - Tube with olive green Zinc
 +   PVF coating
  - PVF tube(coating from China)
  - PVF tube(coating from Dupont)
  - PVF with 6+chromium tube
  - PVF without 6+chromium tube
  - PVF tube with ID nickel coating
 +  Fu aluminum coating
 +  Nylon coating tube
 +  CNG high-press tube
  -CNG manufacture technology
  -Welded Pipe
  - Seamless Pipe deal with specially anneal
  -Stainless 304/316/316L
 +  Formed Tube
  - Brake Line
  - Fuel Line
  - Others Pipe Line
PVF with 6+chromium tube

products spoecification:

φ4.76mm × 0.7±0.01mm(1.0mm) φ6.00mm × 0.7±0.01mm

φ6.35mm× 0.7±0.01mm φ8.00mm × 0.7±0.01mm

φ9.52mm± × 0.7±0.01mm φ10.00mm × 0.7±0.01mm

φ12mm× 0.7±0.01mm

scope of application :

Apply to all kinds of fuel line、brake line and power steering pipe.

products fuctions:

The raw materials(single-wall pipe and double-wall pipe) which our company use are all accord with country and International Automobile industry group standard.

manufacture technology:

We adopt the German full automatic coating technology and combine with our own patent development to ensure its steady products function, all the raw materials is imported from American.

Out-surface is olive-gray color, both coating and passivation layer are not included high chromium. Completely agree with Europeanunion environment protections.

mechanical properties: 

tensile strength:  Rm≥290MPa
yield stress: Rel≥180MPa
elongation rate: A≥25%

ID cleanliness:residues≤ 0.16g/ m2

salt spray test: no rusty on tube in 3000-3600 hours

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